Our Talent Pool

Our Talent Pool

When I work with our candidates, it’s personal.

I’ve worked inside some of Australia’s best creative agencies, and with some exceptional people.

I know how important it is that your talent and values are supported by your workplace.

It’s a privilege for me to represent your unique story to the market.

Benefits for Candidates

  • You can stay ‘hidden’ and be one of the few, not one of many, who are introduced to agencies. You will stand out by being part of the Hidden Talent Club.
  • I hand-pick talent and match people very carefully with agencies; I want you both to succeed.
  • You won’t have to approach the agencies you want to work for, or even start conversations until you know there are real opportunities that match your ambitions and experience.
  • You will be represented by a trusted, well-connected Talent Consultant who will be your advocate in the marketplace.
  • If yours has not been a conventional career path, if you have particular ambitions or expectations from a role, or if you are open to truly different and interesting opportunities, Hidden Talent is the right partner for you.
  • Your privacy is protected; you will select the agencies you’d like to be introduced to.



Talent Pool