Marketing Clients

Marketing Clients

Each client brief is truly unique as each company and market has it’s specific opportunities and challenges.

I have placed many marketing candidates in a broad range of industries, such as FMCG, hospitality, retail, cosmetics, entertainment, gaming and medical research facilities.

I believe the best way to deliver the best candidate for any marketing brief is through executive search. This is a very deliberate and targeted approach which delivers the best talent in the market. It has specific stages so stays on track from a timing perspective.

The best way to approach every brief is with fresh eyes and an open mind. I am always excited to learn the ‘ins and outs’ of new industries, but the methodology I use for each brief can be applied to any industry and role.

My unique recruitment methodologies ensure that I unearth the best candidates in the market for my clients


  • Before search starts, I make sure I thoroughly understand your company, your culture and your market positioning. Hidden Talent doesn’t just try to fill a role based on professional experience or skill. I work to match people and culture. I want to develop long-term partnership and referals, not just one-off briefs.
  • I undergo an extensive search of the market based on research of where the ideal candidate is likely to be ‘hiding’.
  • I would usually engage with 80 – 100 candidates to ensure the search was incredibly thorough and no stone is left unturned.
  • In all dealings with candidates, Hidden Talent will advocate for your brand and through this process we will unearth the leading candidates for your role.
  • I present a shortlist of a ‘select few’ candidates who meet your needs and who are on brief, engaged in your brand and open to conversations with you.
  • Hidden Talent will manage the recruitment process from start to finish, saving you time through the interview, selection, negotiation and onboarding processes.
  • Hidden Talent gives you a way to deepen the talent on your team, for the ultimate benefit of your business.



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