Creative Agencies

Creative Agencies

The right talent is hard to find, especially if you have – or want – a business with a strongly differentiated USP.
So, imagine having access to a continual stream of unique talent with no strings attached.

The Hidden Talent Club gives you just that: continuous access to a range of people who are handpicked to fit your unique business needs and unique culture.

You’ll only be presented with people who are already open to working with you – which means you can respond quickly to new business wins or expansion, and have exceptional talent in place, fast.

Instead of placement fees, the agency pays a monthly retainer and you ‘own’ the talent relationship.

Benefits for agencies

  • You’ll be introduced to a steady flow of selected candidates with no strings attached.
  • Candidates presented are carefully selected and open to new opportunities. So you know they’re interested in a conversation now, when you need them. Before they are presented, Hidden Talent will make sure they understand you, your culture and your ambitions. We advocate on your behalf, and make sure presented candidates are already interested in working with you.
  • We search, comprehensively, in expected places. But you will also be presented with people who may not come through conventional career routes or sectors. In today’s ‘new world’ of work, there are great opportunities for employers and talent who are truly progressive, collaborative, diverse and agile.
  • Some talent prefers to remain ‘hidden’. It may because they want to avoid direct contact with agencies and are sensitive to confidentiality. They may be too busy in their current roles to have the time to search themselves. Or want a particular workplace culture or conditions and prefer to be represented in the market. Hidden Talent can help you find them, earn their trust, and have conversations on your behalf.
  • Even if you have internal recruitment resources, Hidden Talent can broaden your search and options. There are always more talented people to find, you could add 2-3 people to your consideration set, saving you time and increasing your chances of placing the ideal candidate for roles.
  • At Hidden Talent we take care to understand our candidates above and beyond what appears on a resume or Linkedin Profile. You’ll receive our endorsement, and summary of salary expectations, motivation, visa status, etc for every candidate presented.
  • This model also allows you to build your talent pool as you will constantly be introduced to new talent.
  • The Hidden Talent Club is a business model that makes sense and offers real value. A predictable monthly retainer and no placement fee helps you manage your budget. If you place just 2% of candidates we introduce, anything above that will be at no cost to your business.

Options of working together

The Hidden Talent Club is one of several, flexible partnership options.


Option 1

No Placement Fees – A monthly retainer partnership which gives you access to the Hidden Talent Club which is handpicked talent, on tap, with no strings attached.

Option 2

Special Projects – specific search for an agreed fee



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